In an exclusive interview with CNN, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wednesday stated he would consider mediating the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Netanyahu qualified that any proposal would need to come from either Russia, Ukraine or the US.In a briefing to reporters, Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Maria Zakharova covered Russia’s response to foreign intervention. While she did not directly address the possibility of conflict mediation by Netanyahu, she clarified Russia’s stance on military aid to Ukraine. Zakharova stated, “all countries that supply weapons should understand that we will consider these to be legitimate targets for Russia’s armed forces.”The comments come after numerous western countries approved transfers of tanks and other armored vehicles to Ukraine. French President Emmanuel Macron did not rule out delivery of additional aid in the form of modern fighter jets. Zakharova said delivery of jets or other advanced weapons systems “would lead to an escalation in the conflict.”Israel has largely isolated itself from the conflict in Ukraine. Netanyahu explained the position, saying Israel currently has “lots of issues in our own backyard.” Proposed legal reforms have led to large protests against the government. Concurrently, violence in the West Bank is escalating with 28 Palestinian fatalities reported in January. Israel is additionally concerned with nuclear development in Iran. Israeli reluctance also stems from the demographics of the country. Jewish migrants from the Soviet Union, especially Russia, make up roughly ten percent of the country’s foreign-born population. Furthermore, neighboring Syria has a significant Russian military presence.

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