Bitpanda‘s newly-introduced investment-as-a-service for cryptocurrency is allowing fintech platforms and banks to integrate trading services into their apps. 

The European digital asset platform Bitpanda is launching an investment-as-a-service product for banks, fintechs and other platforms.

With its existing white-label API, the Vienna-headquartered company currently serves around 20 million customers in Europe and across the world. Now, through the launch of Bitpanda Technology Solutions (BTS), the company is adding several features, asset classes and several regulatory licences to its offering.

The platform now allows fintechs, traditional banks and online platforms to offer trading, investing and custody services across stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), cryptocurrencies, precious metals and commodities.

Partners can leverage the solution to engage with the specific features they require, including savings plans, asset-to-asset swaps, crypto staking, fractionalised stocks and blockchain services via one API connection.

In the nine years since its founding, the company has become increasingly connected with Europe’s community of trading apps. In this way, its partners include the European mobile bank N26, French money app Lydia, UK fintech Plum, the Italian mobile bank Hype as well as Italian open finance provider Fabrick.

“Your design, our technology”
Bitpanda investment-as-a-service
Eric Demuth, co-CEO and founder, Bitpanda

Speaking on the launch of the service, Eric Demuth, the company’s founder and co-CEO, describes BTS as “the easiest way to enable the best investment experience for end users as well as institutional investors, with a simple integration of our API.”

“Nine years in this business has provided a battle-proven infrastructure functioning in any market conditions,” continues Demuth. “With BTS, companies have the chance to add a trading and investing product for crypto, stocks and precious metals to their services that fulfils the needs of customers in the year 2023.”

Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad, deputy CEO of the Bitpanda Group, will lead the newly-launched investment-as-a-service business as CEO of BTS.

“Financial institutions today have to ask themselves how they aim to cater for the increasing demand for modern investing solutions,” comments Enzersdorfer-Konrad.

“Building these individually means a high startup cost and products that are often outdated before they are even launched. Simply put, institutions can’t do this themselves if they want both a fast time to market and high compliance standards,” he continues.

“By partnering with us, they can open up new revenue streams while retaining their customers. Fully customisable, fully safe, fully secure, and fully regulated. Your design, our technology.”

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