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Founded in 2015, Financial Magazine is the independent digital media resource covering a wide range of financial news, crypto assets, and emerging fintech trends. Each day our team delivers the most accurate and up-to-date news from all around the world.

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Daniel Köhler

Daniel Köhler is specializing as editor at Cryptocurrencies at Financial Magazine . Has a degree in mathematics science and a master’s in management from the London School of Economics. Initially working as a TV journalist, he then became an editor at several financial publications. He is passionate about new technology and has the potential to completely see new ways in the world of cryptocurrencies.


Jameson White

Jameson White is a millennial attorney, law professor, entrepreneur, writer, and speaker on privacy, cybersecurity, A.I., AR/VR, blockchain, and digital monies. He has written for many outlets, and contributed to cybersecurity and technology publications.


Kristina Miller

Graduating from Aarhus University with a degree in communication and media studies, Kristina has been an avid writer and follower of the finacial news and cybercrymes space since 2011. A well-traveled journalist within the industry, Aubrey has written for many well-known outlets, and can often be found poring over white papers when she isn’t writing for Financial Magazine

Business news

What Weibo and Chinese media are saying about TikTok’s pending sale to US companies

Since United States’ President Donald Trump threatened to ban TikTok in the U.S. as long as the social media app remained in the hands of a Chinese company, the app’s parent company ByteDance has […]


Financial crimes

UK FinTech Working Together to Combat Financial Crime

Since its launch in 2017, seventeen of the UK’s leading Financial Technology (FinTech) firms have agreed to join the UK FinTech Financial Crime Exchange (FFE). The Exchange, established by  FINTRAIL and RUSI enables firms to collaborate […]


Business news / Financial crimes

Danske Bank mired in money laundering scandal

Danske Bank is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 1871, it is currently embroiled in the Nordic region’s biggest money laundering scandal. The Bank got distress signals from its branch operations in […]


Business news

The elite of the country: Who is behind the creation of closed business clubs in Ukraine?

Personal acquaintances play one of the most critical roles in the business environment. Old and new connections allow an entrepreneur to efficiently maintain his business, enter new markets and develop different sectors. […]