UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk Friday urged Burkina Faso authorities to hasten investigations into the deaths of 28 men in Burkina Faso. Their bodies were discovered on December 30 and 31 in Nouna, Kossi Province, Boucle du Mouhoun region.Türk commented, “It is encouraging that the authorities have announced an investigation into the incident. I call on them to ensure it is prompt, thorough, impartial and transparent and to hold all those responsible to account regardless of position or rank.” Local news outlets reported that Armel Sama, the head prosecutor in Nouna’s High Court, urged people to remain calm as investigations continued. He also assured citizens that those responsible for the incidents would be apprehended and charged.In the past, Türk has expressed worries regarding potential threats to human rights as a result of the nation’s recruitment, arming and deployment of auxiliaries. In addition to effective security forces supervision, he called for improved vetting procedures and training on international human rights. He now demands that the perpetrators be brought to justice regardless of position or rank.According to rights group The Collective Against Impunity and Stigmatization of Communities (CISC), the men were killed by the Volontaires pour la Défense de la Patrie (VDP) and Burkino Faso security forces as possiblee retaliation on the Jamaat Nurat Al-Islam Wal-Muslimin (JNIM) group for attacking their base the previous night. Local human rights organizations say volunteer militias supporting Burkina Faso’s army have killed many Fulani people, including children because of the belief that Fulani people support the country’s Islamic extremists.

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