Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov Saturday warned Russian citizens of Russia launching  another wave of military mobilization. In a YouTube video released by Ukrainian military TV, Reznikov stated that within a week Russia will close the borders for its male citizens and declare martial law. Reznikov stated this will begin Russia’s wave of mobilization.During the eight-and-a-half minute video, Reznikov covered various aspects of the coming months in the war between Ukraine and Russia. Reznikov discussed drafting, casualties, the real payoff of the war and Russia’s objectives. Reznikov said that the “special military operation” Russian authorities told their citizens about was nothing more than propaganda. He spoke of how the waves of mobilizations are meant to cover up the 100,000 deaths that have occurred since the outset of the war. Reznikov also highlighted that Russia categorically promised not to carry out these mobilizations and still did so. He also brought up how Sweden and Finland, once territories that wanted to remain neutral, are now in the process of finalizing their accession to NATO.Reznikov asserted that the Kremlin’s objective now was to prolong the war as much as is possible, and get as many people killed as it takes for the war to reach a “dead end.”  He maintained that the war lasting for longer will result in proportionately worse consequences for Russian citizens, and stated that only war criminals would be brought before the tribunals.During a December 27 meeting of Russian government officials, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin described how deployed soldiers are to receive “serious amounts” of “lump sum payments and monthly payments” as a reward for their service. Despite these payments, September’s mobilization drive caused thousands of Russians to flee the country.The war between Russia and Ukraine marks the first time that Russia has mobilized its people since World War II. Reznikov contended that Russia was bound to mobilizations efforts until Russians learned to avoid mobilizations by all means. Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence, told the BBC in an exclusive interview that he expected Russia’s latest mobilization wave to begin on January 5.

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