China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Webin Wednesday criticized the Taiwan’s decision to extend its compulsory military service period. Wang said the decision will make Taiwanese soldiers “cannon fodder.”Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen announced Tuesday that compulsory military service in the country will be extended from the current four months to a one-year service. Tsai stated during the announcement that Taiwan “…is at the forefront of the expansion of authoritarianism.” Wang’s criticism of Taiwan follows reports from Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense that 71 Chinese aircraft and seven vessels crossed into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone Monday morning.The latest dispute between Taiwan and China comes after US President Joe Biden signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law. The act identifies a continued commitment on behalf of the US to assist the Taiwanese military to continue its self-sufficiency and develop its defense capacity. The act also includes the Taiwan Enhanced Resilience Act (TERA), which authorizes the expenditure of up to $10 billion of assistance over the next five years to improve Taiwan’s military capabilities. The TERA also seeks to deter Chinese aggression against Taiwan through closer cooperation between the US and Taiwan.

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