Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, a Norway-based Iranian human rights group, Sunday reported that Iranian forces continue to use lethal force against demonstrators protesting the death of 21-year-old Mahsa Amini.Hengaw follows the nationwide protest developments on the ground with instantaneous reports, photos and videos. A recent video showed Iranian forces opening fire at protesters in Piranshahr, resulting in one death and several injuries.Hengaw also reported the use of lethal force by Iranian forces in Kunistan cities, saying that Iranian forces shot and killed Mohammad Ahmadi Gagsh, Mehran Rahmani, Kamal Ahmadpour,and Azad Hasanpour. Last month, Hengaw reported that Iranian Security Forces opened fire at protesters in several other cities.The nationwide protests broke out after Tehran police arrested Mahsa Amini on September 14 for wearing an “improper” hijab. Amini’s family found out she was taken to the hospital in a coma two hours later. After two days, the Tehran police reported that she died in custody.As of October 17, at least 215 people had been killed in the nationwide protests.

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