Personal acquaintances play one of the most critical roles in the business environment. Old and new connections allow an entrepreneur to efficiently maintain his business, enter new markets and develop different sectors.

There are various entrepreneurs’ business clubs allowing members to discuss the most relevant issues, find new connections, strengthen previous ones and generate new ideas for mutually beneficial cooperation in Ukraine. At the same time, this format of cooperation meets educational purposes because different events with lectures, talks, and other arrangements are organized monthly.

The most prestigious and reputable business clubs in Ukraine are organizations for “top leaders of the country” (CEO Club Ukraine) and for young entrepreneurs (Young Business Club and Club 100). These organizations were inspired by a well-known Ukrainian businessman Vyacheslav Lysenko, a leading expert on business with China.

CEO Club

CEO Club Ukraine – founded in 2011, is the most influential association of top business leaders. Its goal is to unite business leaders in a powerful community to reach greater personal and business development heights. Each club member is a personality with excellent taste, leadership qualities, and a desire to create a positive business environment for conducting business in Ukraine and worldwide.

The club holds more than 100 events per year on business, economics, technology, personality development, family, philosophy, art — it creates an atmosphere for building trust-based relations and partnership. The CEO Club is a meeting place for leading people in business, experts and intellectuals in Ukraine and globally. Becoming a club member is not easy: the company’s annual turnover should be at least $ 10,000,000 and have an excellent business reputation.

Club Council heads the CEO Club. Its capacities include:

  • Defining the strategy and critical directions for the development of the organization;
  • Overseeing compliance with the principles and code of ethics;
  • Selecting candidates and approving new members;
  • Representing the interests of the community with external stakeholders;
  • Initiating and developing new projects and programs for the club.

According to the Club’s Council member, Vyacheslav Lysenko— CEO Club is not a “classic” organization; it is a unique community of individuals with outstanding reputations and philosophy: “Our mission, values and principles are not auxiliary but the foundation of all activities. Created as a social circle of close-minded friends, the club has grown into the country’s largest association of top executives, which sets the standards of decency and mutual support in the business community.

Young Business Club

The Young Business Club is Europe’s largest young entrepreneurship club. This place unites business owners with a turnover of hundreds of thousands of dollars who went through a rigorous selection system to join forces for distinguished networking and collective initiatives. “Our priority task is to create relationships of trust so that businessmen can easily unite, advance their partnerships and close deals. We cannot help millions of people, but we can bring together thousands of entrepreneurs who will create 100,000 jobs. If it is possible to implement cooperation among them, it will contribute to positive changes in the business environment of the country, “- says the founders of YBC.

More than 1100+ business owners currently participate in the project who are future members of the CEO Club. The club has gone beyond the perimeters of Ukraine. It operates in New York, London, Dubai with plans to open offices in Toronto and Miami this year. The main idea is to open branches in 100 cities around the world. All of this results from teamwork and solid public image of the Young Business Club, which is already becoming a global brand and an international business family. YBC hopes and believes that strong people meet each other for a good reason. Every connection within the club develops into a strong partnership, mutual assistance, or simply high-quality networking. The club, in turn, tries to generate trust and responsibility for the result. The main goal is to educate a new fellowship of businessmen: the elite adhering to different laws, rules and requirements with an honest, professional and fair selection of members.

Ten years ago, Vyacheslav Lysenko, one of the club’s founders, asked himself a question: “What would I do if I had complete financial freedom?” He remembered a period of his life when he used to work as a swimming coach. “It was an example of labor of love. You sacrifice yourself for the sake of those children, and they give you their trust. I decided that if I have an opportunity, I will invest in the younger generation. For me, Young Business Club is the fulfillment of this idea. It is a platform for the development of young entrepreneurs. Young people have a unique ability: they learn quickly. They have skills of differentiating worthy information from garbage,” – says Vyacheslav Lysenko.

Club 100

Club 100 is about 100 young leaders, a place of power for young entrepreneurs and visionaries. It brings together people with knowledge, and knowledge blends with ideas and ideas with possibilities. Club 100 serves as a platform for comfortable exchange of ideas, learning, and opportunities in the society of progressive individuals. Since there are only 100 members, each candidate goes through several mandatory stages before joining the club. The club council determines the club’s development strategy, manages its activities, approves long-term plans and programs, and decides on the acceptance of new members to the club. CEO Anastasia Terekhina heads the Club Council. Vyacheslav Lysenko is a co-founder and member of the Club Council.

The clubhouse aims to maintain a healthy ecosystem and develop business infrastructure. People come here to interact in the sphere of business, to collaborate and communicate in different formats. We are talking about a real club, which is not simply intended to exchange business cards, but the formation of a place for meaningful trust. Despite its young age, the club has a positive business reputation and unites hundreds of young representatives in various business sectors. Each entrepreneur does represent a client but an actual participant of the business ecosystem. The community consists of hundreds of successful business representatives who exchange experiences and organize various types of meetings. They represent different business sectors throughout Ukraine.

The Club 100 events program is updated every season and also includes traditional events. The club hosts events on topics that reflect current business and economic trends in the world. The cycle of meetings and workshops considers the club’s members’ interests and strives to maximize their development.


Entrepreneurs are enthusiastic about sharing their successes and finding ways how to do things even better. They might spend ages on training programs or collaborate with alike and figure out what works and what does not in a couple of hours.

Businesspeople are lonely people whom employees often misunderstand because they have different problems. Their thoughts are occupied with ways to motivate people, increase sales, pay taxes and maintain the system. They find like-minded people as business partners and trusted contractors in these kinds of clubs.

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