Antisemitic incidents have more than quadrupled in Germany since the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel and the start of the war in Gaza, according to a Tuesday report from the civil society group of Department for Research and Information on Antisemitism (RIAS) Berlin. RIAS Berlin documented a 320 percent surge in antisemitic incidents in Germany from 2022, with a total of 994 cases between October 7 and November 9. RIAS Berlin also noted a significant spike in antisemitism after October 17, the night of an explosion in Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza.Of the 994 cases, 854 included instances of hurtful or offensive behavior. The remaining incidents included violent attacks, targeted damage to Jewish community centers and residential properties. A frequent methods of attack included marking residential buildings with Stars of David or swastikas and issuing threats. Furthermore, the report highlighted antisemitism in universities and workplaces, with Jewish students and employees reportedly being blamed for Israel’s conduct.91 percent of the incidents registered are described as anti-Israeli-based antisemitism. For example, 177 pro-Palestinian protests were classified as antisemitic incidents, as RIAS claimed Hamas terror was glorified and legitimized. RIAS claimed that even when such incidents do not fall under antisemitism per se, they point to an antisemitic worldview. RIAS reported that slogans such as “one holocaust does not justify another — Free Palestine” trivialize the holocaust as well as demonize and delegitimize Israel.The German government has voiced similar concerns, with politicians from nearly every party condemning anti-Israel protests as antisemitic. This stance has led to arrests and bans on several demonstrations across the country. While freedom of peaceful assembly is protected under Article 8 of the German Constitution, MPs and Prime Minister Olaf Scholz have reiterated that there is zero tolerance for antisemitic or anti-Israel incitement or violence.

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