Every day there are things that make completing regular tasks on the internet with more ease. Due to the emergence of novel technology solutions, tools like a burner email address or VPN are no longer considered exceptional. It’s the same situation with online phone numbers. They have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years and are becoming more and more in demand among users. Still, a large number of people are unaware and thereby hesitant to use them. These are the top 5 reasons to start using online numbers today.

Remote access

This is the primary advantage of online phone numbers. As can be guessed from their name, they function entirely online, that is, on the internet. It is what makes him different from regular phone numbers. There is no need to go anywhere to get and activate one or more of them. Everyone can benefit from these numbers by visiting a certain web service.

Due to this specialty, online phone numbers can be used from any country in the world, which makes them an excellent solution for travelers as well. You only need a device such as a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection to utilize them. Moreover, because of this, there is also no problem with using numbers from other countries. For example, being located in France or the United Kingdom, you can receive SMS China using online numbers. It works in the same way with other countries. There are no limitations or restrictions in this regard.

Usage ease

Online phone numbers are a part of contemporary technology. However, this doesn’t mean that the people using them should have good knowledge of computer science or any other tech-related field. They are intended to be a solution for everyone, and this is what they are today. Those platforms that provide them have a user-friendly design, which makes it take no longer than a few minutes to buy an online phone number and activate it.

Low price

Even though online numbers can be quickly and conveniently used via the internet, they don’t cost much. Their cost is far less than that of a basic phone number issued by a cellular provider. It depends on two factors:

  • Issue country;
  • Website or app that the number should work with.

Both these things have a great impact on the cost. For example, the number to receive SMS from WhatsApp issued by a cellular provider in Sweden costs around $1.5, whereas the number for the same purpose from India costs $0.50. It functions the same regarding online service for which the online phone number is designed.

Possibility to create infinite accounts

It is simple to sign up for one or another platform on the web with online numbers. But despite this, they are suitable not only for this. In addition to the above, they can be used to register multiple accounts on the same service.

There is literally no cap on how many online numbers a single person can get and activate, which means that they make it possible to create infinite accounts on any website or app if needed. This feature appears to be helpful in many different situations, such as bulk mailing or using many social network profiles to promote business with more efficiency. It’s a great idea to have multiple accounts on whatever service, and such numbers give that opportunity.

Total privacy

The last key advantage of using online phone numbers is that they give their users high privacy. This is really vital these days due to the increasing number of internet spammers and fraudsters as well as data leaks and hacks. These numbers don’t require personal information to be provided when obtained or used, therefore they cannot be used to find out anything about the user if fall into the wrong hands. Online phone numbers are also not designed to receive unsolicited text messages or calls and are absolutely untraceable. With them, it is unnecessary to worry about your online privacy.


Regular internet users are not yet big fans of online numbers. However, that doesn’t stop them from being a great solution with many of benefits. They are a perfect fit for those who want to register for websites and apps but for some reason are unable to use their own number. Online phone numbers are also a helpful feature when it is necessary to make a lot of accounts on the same service. Buying and using somewhat expensive SIM cards that are also bad for the environment is in the past.

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