Silvina Moschini, founder of Unicoin and Unicorn Hunters, delves into the fascinating world of cryptocurrency and startup investment during World Blockchain Summit Dubai 2023.

Unicoin is a cryptocurrency that stands out from the crowd due to its regulatory compliance under the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It sets itself apart by having real-world assets backing it, including equity stakes in high-potential companies and real estate worth over a billion dollars.

As Moschini explains, Unicoin is in the pre-ICO stage, with plans to list on two exchanges soon and more on the horizon. Unicoin’s approach to cryptocurrency is distinct, focusing on regulatory compliance and asset acquisition to ensure stability and security.

The team at Unicorn Hunters have taken a novel approach to connecting investors with promising startups. Unicorn Hunters acts as a platform for investors to participate in high-growth potential startups, often referred to as unicorns, with the potential to achieve a billion-dollar valuation. What sets Unicorn Hunters apart is its resemblance to popular television shows like Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den, but with a twist. It allows the audience to invest in the featured startups, democratising the investment process.

Bridging the gap

One of the unique aspects of Unicorn Hunters is its global crowd-financing mechanism for post-series A startups. It bridges the gap between startups with potential and global investors, offering high visibility to these companies. Unicorn Hunters takes equity stakes in the showcased companies, further enhancing the security and potential growth of Unicoin.

A commitment to transparency and regulatory compliance is evident through collaborations with former US government officials and the SEC. By involving experts and officials in ventures, it stresses the importance of adhering to legal guidelines and regulatory standards, ensuring a smooth and secure investment process.

The acquisition process of startups, which is vital for Unicorn Hunters. Startups are sourced globally through partnerships with organisations like Google for Entrepreneurs, Microsoft for Startups, and various innovation funds and accelerators. After a meticulous due diligence process, only a select few startups are chosen to appear on Unicorn Hunters. The show is produced in collaboration with industry professionals, including Greg Pestis, the executive producer of the renowned show The Masked Singer.

One of the highlights of Unicorn Hunters is its panel of judges, which includes industry icons like Steve Wozniak and Chris Carter, adding a diverse and knowledgeable perspective to the investment process. Startups chosen for the show don’t necessarily need to have substantial revenue; instead, the focus is on their validation and potential in various industries.

Acquiring assets

Another intriguing aspect of Unicorn Hunters is its use of Unicoin for asset acquisition. It sets itself apart from the traditional cryptocurrency model by acquiring real-world assets, including a copper mine transaction valued at $150million, premium land in Antigua, and a luxury beach resort in Thailand, among others. The platform’s innovative approach extends beyond startups to encompass real estate, advertising, and more.

Moschini’s journey from Argentina to Barcelona, Italy, and eventually the US highlights her international experience and diverse perspective. Her decision to base her operations in Dubai further underlines the growing importance of the Middle East and Dubai as a key market for Unicorn Hunters and Unicoin.

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