UAE-based Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) has joined forces with US-based information technology company Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), taking advantage of its HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform to modernise its core banking system. 

Dubai Islamic Bank revealed that it hopes the move with HPE can deliver improved customer experience and launch new services and digital products. In addition, the deployment of a comprehensive set of HPE Aruba Networking wireless solutions will enhance DIB’s connectivity and mobility capabilities as well as overall network security.

Established in 1975, DIB is the largest Islamic bank in the UAE and the second largest in the world. Driven by the bank’s customer-centric approach and its commitment to sustainable digital transformation, DIB aims to instil simplicity and convenience in all its offerings by providing a personal and engaging experience.

Obaid Al Shamsi, chief operating officer at DIB

Obaid Al Shamsi, chief operating officer at DIB, explained the bank’s need to modernise its systems: “As we aim to become the most progressive Islamic financial institution in the world and align with the UAE Government’s vision for innovation and modernised services, we constantly refine our services and develop new solutions, taking into account our customers’ needs throughout their journey with DIB. With this in mind, we’re continuously shaping our banking experience to be more intuitive, straightforward, and personalised.

“We have dedicated ourselves to providing banking that is simple to understand. Consequently, we set the same standard for all technology we deploy.

“In partnership with HPE, we are delivering an easy-to-use solution with cloud experience in a secure and compliant environment. As a result, we’re not just enhancing our operational efficiency, but also contributing towards the UAE’s economic diversification and industrial transformation.”

Driving long-term efficiency and growth for the bank

One key focus for DIB is to stay highly agile, delivering optimal solutions, whenever and wherever needed. To ensure this kind of agility, flexible and easily scalable IT as well as broad visibility across the estate is needed, so the bank can quickly respond to the constantly evolving business requirements.

This should enable DIB to optimise internal operations and processes and predict future resource requirements as they grow.

Ahmad Alkhallafi, managing director for UAE at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Ahmad Alkhallafi, managing director for UAE at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Ahmad Alkhallafi, managing director for UAE at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, said: “We are proud to support DIB in their efforts to provide the highest standard of customer experience.

“With HPE GreenLake and the HPE Aruba Networking secure Wi-Fi platform, DIB will boost their ability to offer customers unique services, by providing their employees with the tools, seamless connectivity, and computing they need to strengthen collaboration between the teams. This will drive long-term efficiency and growth for the bank as they create new satisfying experiences.”

With the HPE GreenLake for Aruba services, DIB will be able to centrally manage its network with ease and comprehensive oversight.

HPE Aruba Network Edge Services Platform (ESP) is a cloud-native architecture that offers automated network management, integrated edge-to-cloud security, and predictive AI-powered insights.

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