North Korea expelled US soldier Travis King on Wednesday, 2 months after he crossed into its territory from South Korea. KCNA, North Korea’s state media, announced that North Korea expelled King after state officials completed their investigation into him.According to KCNA, state officials concluded that King entered North Korean territory illegally after being “disillusioned” about inequality and racism in the US. At the time King fled into North Korea, he was set to return to Fort Bliss, Texas for disciplinary action related to an assault charge in South Korea, where he was stationed with the US Army. King is now being sent to San Antonio, Texas, where he will be evaluated at the military hospital, according to a statement from US officials to NPR.Spokesperson for the US State Department Matthew Miller held a press conference on Wednesday and confirmed King’s return. Miller said that diplomats from the State Department worked with the governments of Sweden and China to convey King back to South Korea, by way of China. Sweden helped make contact with North Korean officials after similar efforts by the US were rejected. The US required China’s help to transfer King through their territory because the US currently has no diplomatic relations with North Korea. Miller also assured reporters that the US government made no concessions for King’s return.A viral video in July showed the moment that King fled from a tour of the Joint Security Zone in South Korea towards the demilitarized zone. At the time, the UN Command emphasized the fact that King did not have authorization to cross the Military Demarcation Line into North Korea.

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