Swiss-based B2B fintech company, GenTwo has announced that raised $15M (€13.9M) in a Series A funding round led by US-based Point72 Ventures.

This financial injection is poised to fuel GenTwo’s international expansion efforts and further enhance its financial engineering platform.

Pete Casella, senior partner and co-head of fintech investments at Point72 Ventures, will be joining GenTwo’s board of directors as part of the investment. He expressed his enthusiasm for GenTwo’s vision.

“At Point72 Ventures, we like to back founders with bold ideas. GenTwo is a good example of what we are looking for, and we believe that the founders Patrick Loepfe and Philippe A. Naegeli are the right team to execute on their ideas,” Casella says.

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“We are excited to support the company on their mission towards expanding the investment universe for their clients,” he adds.

Making all assets investable

Founded in 2018, GenTwo specialises in the securitisation of bankable and non-bankable assets and operates globally with the mission to expand the investment universe by making all assets investable.

According to the company, it has built its financial engineering network centred around its proprietary GenTwo PRO platform. This platform enables investment professionals to streamline the process of transforming various assets and investment strategies into bankable securities.

GenTwo’s abilities allow previously unconventional assets like real estate, fine art or digital assets — with a global market estimated at over $78T (€72.5T) — to become more accessible to a wider range of investors.

Its products address the growing demand among asset managers and their clients for new financial products that can facilitate diversification and active portfolio management, claims the company. 

Currently, GenTwo has assisted over 250 clients across 26 countries in launching more than 1,200 investment products, with assets under service (AuS) totalling more than $3B (€2.79B).

“We have always been a strongly technology-focused company and have worked hard to create what we believe is a unique securitisation platform that offers clients unmatched simplicity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness,” says Patrick Loepfe, co-founder and chairman of GenTwo.

“With its experience in not only fintech but also AI, Point72 Ventures is the perfect partner to help us do even more.”

GenTwo Digital, AssetRush

GenTwo extends to GenTwo Digital, which operates as a subsidiary facilitating the integration of traditional and digital assets.

Meanwhile, GenTwo’s AssetRush event series has also become a prominent fixture on the Swiss financial services industry calendar. It serves as a unique platform for showcasing the transformative potential of its next-generation securitisation platform, ushering in an investment revolution in the financial landscape.

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