Financial Edge, the training provider for Wall Street investment banks, has joined forces with Northeastern University London to launch a new Masters in Global Investment Banking.

The programne caters to postgraduate students from diverse academic backgrounds, providing them with a distinctive pathway into the finance industry. It suits those who have discovered their interest in finance later in their careers or have no prior financial training or internship experience.

Professor Scott Wildman, Dean of Northeastern University London, shared his excitement about the collaboration.

This programme combines Financial Edge’s expert financial training with Northeastern University London’s world-class academic reputation,” he said. “Our shared commitment to innovation, excellence, and teaching real-world skills will help students develop the abilities and knowledge they need to succeed in the investment banking industry.”

The course

The MSc Global Investment Banking 12-month intensive programme aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the investment banking industry by emphasising innovation, excellence and real-world skills.

It delves into various aspects of the industry, including bank operations, client relationships, day-to-day work, as well as the role of investment banking in the global business landscape.

The program offers a blend of academic rigor and practical training, encompassing essential subjects such as financial modeling, accounting, corporate valuation, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity. Students actively engage with real-world data, case studies, and technologies utilised by industry analysts.

Alastair Matchett, managing director at Financial Edge, pointed out that investment banking internships accept only one per cent of applicants, underscoring the programme’s emphasis on instilling real-world skills right from the start.

“Hiring trends in investment banks have evolved over time to focus on academically diverse candidates – not just those with finance degrees. We are proud to offer a degree that is dedicated to teaching the real-world skills of investment bankers from day one, providing a unique, alternative pathway into the industry.”

The MSc Global Investment Banking is open to UK as well as international students. The programme is currently accepting applications for the September 2023 cohort.

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