Transparency International (TI) Tuesday released its annual Corruption Perceptions Index, a comprehensive measure of corruption throughout the world. TI is a global NGO made up of legal experts and businesspeople who report on the levels of corruption throughout the world’s governments.Each country receives a score on a scale of 0-100, with 0 being incredibly corrupt and 100 being the least corrupt. The score is calculated based on data from 13 different surveys conducted in each country.For 2022, Denmark was ranked the least corrupt country in the world, with a score of 90. Somalia was ranked the most corrupt, with a score of just 12. The global average was 43 out of 100, which TI reports has been the global average for over 10 years.Alongside the scores, TI released a report accompanying the results. The report stated that most countries are failing to stop corruption in their governments. The report stated that even countries with relatively high scores were complacent and even encouraging of corruption in other countries, leading to a destructive world state.Daniel Eriksson, Chief Executive Officer of TI, stated:Leaders can fight corruption and promote peace all at once. Governments must open up space to include the public in decision-making – from activists and business owners to marginalised communities and young people. In democratic societies, the people can raise their voices to help root out corruption and demand a safer world for us all.The index is released annually, compiling data collected over the past year. TI reports that since 2008, over 155 of the 180 countries it ranks have either received lower scores each year or not changed at all.

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