Australia Thursday approved a request by the US to extradite a former US Marine Corps pilot Daniel Duggan, according to a statement made by Australia’s Attorney-General’s Department.The Australian Attorney-General’s Department received an extradition request from the US on December 9. The Attorney General agreed to extradite Duggan before December 25, according to a statement made by the Attorney-General’s Department to Reuters. For the Department to extradite someone, they must be an ‘extricable person’ under Australia’s Extradition Act of 1988.According to an unsealed 2017 indictment, Duggan is charged with six criminal violations, including one under the Arms Export Control Act. Duggan allegedly conspired to sell weapons to China while the US had an arms embargo on China; even worse, he did so without a license. Duggan assisted an unnamed Chinese company with purchasing a decommissioned military training jet, and also allegedly provided services such as teaching the procedures and tactics for flying and landing airplanes on aircraft carriers.

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