Polish truckers resumed their blockade Monday of one of the main crossings into Ukraine near Dorohusk, Poland in conjunction with nearby farmers according to Rafał Mekler, one of the leaders of the protest and member of the Polish far-right National Movement Party.The blockade at the Dorohusk border was temporarily lifted after a local mayor disbanded it because he feared it would threaten local jobs. However, on Friday, the Polish Press Agency (PAP) reported that this decision was overturned by a District Court in Lubin.The blockades have been ongoing since November 6th, with Polish drivers demanding that last year’s EU-Ukraine agreement be scrapped. The Agreement aimed to boost Ukraine’s economy by enabling the carriage of freight without a permit through the Poland-Ukraine border. Polish truck drivers argue that Ukrainian companies are undercutting their businesses on pricing and creating unfair competition. The EU has denounced the blockade, with Commissioner for Transport Adina Valean issuing a statement that “the remaining border crossing points must be unblocked without delay.”Poland’s Customs Office stated that the wait at the Dorohusk crossing was 68 hours on Monday. Protests and blockades are expected to continue; however, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said on X (formerly known as Twitter) that he “is confident that, with the new government in Poland, we will expedite the resolution of all outstanding issues in our relations.”

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