Gravity, the bank’s software and cloud-native core banking platform, enables Santander to deploy on both private and public clouds. Santander plans to migrate the vast majority of its core banking worldwide to the Gravity platform by the end of 2024, mostly in its private cloud.

Santander has in-house software that digitises core banking, the most critical part of a bank’s IT infrastructure. This transformation is allowing easier and faster access to data, more simplicity and faster time-to-market. Additionally, it makes it possible to deliver new capabilities for customers in hours, instead of weeks, and more frequent app updates.

The bank is also able to greatly improve its customer experience, products and services, and drive value using real-time analytics. This change is also bringing significant efficiencies through cutting-edge end-to-end automation and other savings.

Santander’s core banking digital journey started in 2022 and the vast majority will be completed at the end of 2024. Apart from the UK, Chile and Santander CIB, the transition is well advanced in Brazil. At the completion of the programme, more than one trillion technical executions will be managed every year by the Gravity platform within Santander’s systems.

Simultaneous benefits

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