Escalating cross-border hostilities between Hezbollah and Israeli forces have led to the displacement of over 4200 individuals in South Lebanon, according to a Friday report from the Associated Press. These clashes have effectively designated approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) of the Lebanon-Israel border as a military zone. Former inhabitants in the border region have retreated deeper into Lebanese territory to avoid entanglement in the ongoing skirmishes.In Tyre, a southern port city in Lebanon, authorities have converted three school facilities into makeshift refuges for the affected individuals. Notably, the financially challenged Lebanese government has limited resources to assist the displaced. Tyre Mayor Hassan Dbouk announced on Saturday that all three school shelters in the city have been filled to their maximum capacity. He also mentioned that authorities are actively seeking a location to establish a fourth shelter.Mortada Mhanna, leader of Tyre’s disaster management unit, noted a daily rise in new arrivals and implored international organizations for vital supplies. He told AP that the international community should “give us enough supplies that if the situation evolves, we can at least give people a mattress to sleep on and a blanket.” Additionally, Lebanon’s national airline announced a reduction of over 50 percent of its flights as increasing border tensions with Israel led several Western nations to advise their citizens against visiting Lebanon.

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