Lyon-based Mon Petit Placement, a fintech company that claims to simplify the investment experience by making it accessible to everyone, announced on Tuesday, October 17, that it has secured €6.5M in a fresh round of funding. 

The company aims to become the key player in accessible savings in France (and beyond).

The investment came from Paris-based La France Mutualiste and Mon Petit Placement’s existing investors.

Isabelle Le Bot, general director of La France Mutualiste, says, “By collaborating with Mon Petit Placement, La France Mutualiste is integrating the fintech sector to offer a wider, younger and renewed audience savings offers accessible to all.”

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“This defence of the power of savings for all has been at the heart of our mutualist mission since our creation 130 years ago,” adds Le Bot.

Brief about Mon Petit Placement

Founded in 2017 by Thomas Perret and Thibault Jaillon, Mon Petit Placement is a fintech company that simplifies the investment experience, catering to both novices and experts with its “user-friendly interface”. 

The platform offers education, personalised advice, and regular monitoring, providing substantial support to investors. 

With portfolios accessible from €300, individuals can choose from a range of options based on their risk tolerance, ensuring accessibility for all kinds of investors in France.

In 2023, Mon Petit Placement introduced four new investment options, including an anti-inflation portfolio (the first investment to combat the erosion of savings due to inflation), a solution for children, a “Serenity” portfolio, and a Retirement Offer through life insurance. 

These initiatives reflect the company’s commitment to diverse financial services and meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

Perret says, “During our previous fundraising, we set ourselves several objectives: continue to structure our teams, diversify our offering of financial products in order to become the leader in investment for individuals in France, exceed the €100M mark of assets under management and the threshold of 20,000 investor clients.”

“Today, we have 35 employees, four investment portfolios and seven thematic and responsible investments, with 25,000 clients to date, €115M in assets under management and a dynamic partnership strategy,” adds Perret.

Capital utilisation

Mon Petit Placement says that after securing the funds, the company aims for financial balance by 2025 and plans strategic initiatives in 2024, including branding, new offerings, and recruitment.

The funding also marks a merger with France Mutualiste, emphasising their shared goal of democratising investment and making financial opportunities accessible to a broader audience.

Partnership with La France Mutualiste

La France Mutualiste is an established mutual group founded by Léon Guillot over 130 years ago. With a focus on empowering all French citizens to build their retirement, La France Mutualiste boasts over 290,000 member-customers and manages €8.8B in assets. 

The organisation specialises in savings, retirement, insurance, and health solutions through its subsidiary Média Courtage, maintaining a network of 58 agencies across France. 

The group prioritises transparency, trust, and a family-oriented approach, fostering close relationships with its members.

Perret says, “We share a similar culture and missions with La France Mutualiste. This merger allows us to continue our development with the support of a solid partner.”

“We will be able to continue to enrich our offer in order to make savings truly accessible to all, that is to say by addressing a neglected target that no one wants to advise today but who wish to get started and be taken by the hand,” adds Perret.

Starting in 2024, Mon Petit Placement says it will distribute life insurance and retirement savings plan (PER) products from La France Mutualiste.

Simultaneously, La France Mutualiste will leverage Mon Petit Placement’s expertise in digitalisation, enhancing its digital channels.

How to succesfully outsource…

…your recruitment or product development with our curated community partners!

…your recruitment or product development with our curated community partners! Show Less

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