The US will resume deporting Venezuelan nationals who illegally reside in the US, according to a Thursday press release from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).According to a separate press release from the US Department of State, the announcement “follows a decision by authorities from Venezuela to accept the return of Venezuelan nationals.” It is unclear who “the authorities from Venezuela” are. In July, the US Department of State maintained that it recognizes the 2015 National Assembly as the “only legitimate branch of the Government of Venezuela.” The Biden administration does not officially recognize the administration of Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro, the de facto sovereign of Venezuela. Maduro is individually sanctioned by the US government and has a warrant out for his arrest in New York based on federal drug trafficking charges.In 2019, the 2015 National Assembly recognized Juan Guaidó. Guaidó as Venezuela’s president. In late 2022, however, the assembly dissolved Guaidó’s government. Guaidó has been living in the United States since early 2022. CNN reported on Thursday that the Venezuelan government issued an arrest warrant for Juan Guaidó.The DHS maintains that the decision to resume deportations to Venezuela is “consistent with the [Biden] Administration’s efforts to implement a strategy of humane, safe, and orderly enforcement of our immigration laws and to process individuals in a fair and fast manner.” The press release states that the Biden administration is charged with implementing the Los Angeles Declaration, which is concerned with “promoting regular pathways for migration and international protection” and “promoting humane migration management.”DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas last month announced an extension of “Temporary Protected Status” (TPS) for Venezuelan nationals living in the United States. The decision to extend TPS was due to Venezuela’s “increased instability and lack of safety due to the enduring humanitarian, security, political, and environmental conditions.” The announcement to resume deportations also follows reports that the Biden administration has resumed construction of wall along the US’ southern border. Mayorkas stated that the project was “appropriated during the prior administration and the law requires the government to use these funds for this purpose.”

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