London-based Curve, a financial super app, announced on Thursday that it has raised an £58M (approximately €67M) in a Series C extension round of funding, bringing its total Series C funding to over £133M. 

Britannia, IDC Ventures, Cercano Management, Cohen Circle, Outward VC, and many other existing shareholders participated in the extension round. 

Curve says it will use the funds to enhance the overall customer experience, expand its Flex offerings, and bring new partnerships to the market. 

To date, the UK fintech company has raised £208M in equity investment and reached millions of customers globally with its product and innovative partnerships with Samsung, Mastercard, Huawei, Swatch, and other leading brands.

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“We are extremely pleased with the interest we received in our Series C extension round and the support we received from our existing shareholders,” says Shachar Bialick, founder and CEO of Curve. 

“It’s a testament to the execution of our team, the strength of our product, and the business as a whole. Like any raise, this last raise brings renewed responsibility to our shareholders and customers: To build a good product and an exciting business by executing well. Curve’s unique, user-friendly, and innovative product is something that investors, partners, and customers alike are drawn to naturally. With this additional cash, we look forward to bringing more people closer to financial independence,” adds Bialick. 

Curve: Financial super app 

Founded by Shachar Bialick in 2015, Curve is an over-the-top banking platform enabling customers to consolidate multiple cards into one smart card and app. 

The fintech company aims to simplify a consumer’s financial life by providing a one-stop shop for all their financial requirements. 

It is a single point of access to a wide range of financial products and services that come bundled together in one smart card and an app. 

Curve supports Mastercard, Visa, and Diners Club networks. 

The Curve Card and the E-money related to these cards is issued in the UK by Curve UK Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

The UK firm is introducing its new Launchpad interface to facilitate the development of a financial marketplace. It will allow select third-party developers to integrate their financial products and services directly into Curve.

What the investors say

“Curve isn’t just aggregating funding sources into one credit card, they’re revolutionising how we perceive and access our money,” says Bobby Aitkenhead, co-founder and Managing Director at IDC Ventures. 

“Our conviction in Curve grew substantially upon witnessing its founder’s remarkable capabilities and proven history and the team he built around him,” adds Aitkenhead.

“We’re so excited about Curve and its potential to be a payments super app, as well as its ability to change how consumers treat their cards and credit as part of a holistic payment methodology. It continues to build and provide its users with great value,” says Daniel Cohen, co-founder of Cohen Circle.

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