The United States uses sanctions to expand its jurisdiction abroad in violation of fundamental rights, United Nations Special Rapporteur Alena Douhan said on Thursday.In a press release published by the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner (OHC), Douhan said the US imposes sanctions upon entities in the absence of universal jurisdiction. She claims that these sanctions lead to violations of rights guaranteed under the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights. Douhan, who is tasked with monitoring “unilateral coercive measures” and their impact on human rights, highlighted that sanctions affect the rights to freedom of movement and the right to not be arbitrarily deprived of property because US sanctions usually restrict entry into the US and limit or freeze assets.Moreover, because US trade bans impose restrictions upon foreign companies, Douhan argued that they may impact labour rights. These restrictions also create deterrents wherein other business entities become hesitant to engage in business practices with certain sanctioned enterprises. She says “these policies affect labour rights, freedom of movement, and the rights of foreign individuals who may be associated with these companies.”A press release Wednesday details an example of aforementioned sanctions being imposed in Iran over human rights abuses. A statement by the US Department of the Treasury notes that the sanctions respond to the violation of the human rights of Iranian women and girls.

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