Ethiopia’s Human Rights Commission Friday called out injustices perpetrated against defectors from the country’s Orthodox Tewahedo church. They termed the force used against defectors as disproportionate and said the ongoing conflict could be solved in a way that promotes freedom of religion.The conflict came after three bishops of the church broke out to form another called the “Church of Oromia and Nationalities.” The three then appointed 26 other bishops that would help in the running of the church. Since this announcement, the bishops have commenced the running of their church in Oromia regions with the help of officials. People suspected of collaborating with the church, however, have faced violent attacks. Eight people have been shot over the conflict and others have faced unlawful arrests.The commission advised the Ethiopia’s government to beware of the danger that social media poses in escalating the war because of the potential spreading of misinformation. The commission implored the government to consult social media companies in addition to carrying out normal their investigations into the conflict.Earlier on Friday, Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde met with the Chief Commissioner of Ethiopia’s Commission for Human Rights Daniel Bekele to discuss some way to resolve the conflict.
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