Carbon-free, eco-friendly regenerative finance (ReFi) blockchain Xrp Classic has completed its fair launch and aims to contribute towards an end goal of a decarbonised world.

Xrp Classic aims to eventually integrate ReFi blockchain into all sectors for a positive climate impact. Coinmarketcap has already listed the ReFi cryptocurrency on its crypto price-tracking website.

Evan James, developer at Xrp Classic, commented on the blockchain’s aims. James said: “In investments to save our planet from the destruction of climate change, blockchain technology will start a new era with sustainable and transparent solutions. We are proud to pioneer this change.”

In December 2022, Xrp Classic completed its fair launch, and has since advertised itself on Times Square billboards in New York. A range of cryptocurrency exchange publications have also featured the cryptocurrency.

The Xrp Classic ReFi blockchain solution aims to become a key enabler of the global transition to a low-carbon economy. It aims to do this via a reduced environmental impact on the crypto ecosystem.

Evan James also discussed this aim: “We are convinced that Xrp Classic’s ReFi model is an essential part of this transition. We have within our means the possibility of minimizing some of the damage we are doing to our environment using advanced technology. Xrp Classic is an example of the kind of technology that can transition from a linear to a circular economy, helping the world recover.”

The future for ReFi and Xrp Classic

Xrp Classic has revealed its roadmap for the future, detailing its short-term and longer-term plans. The blockchain solution provider next aims to get listed by the cryptocurrency data aggregator CoinGecko. Another short-term aim is to have over 1,000 people holding the crypto.

XRP also plans to conduct public fair launches on both PancakeSwap and Pinksale in the future. Some of Xrp Classic’s more ambitious and longer-term goals include a “250 Million Market Cap”, “100,000+ Holders Growth Target” and more.

The company also aims to eventually complete large-scale marketing campaigns as it looks to increase its number of holders and market cap.

Commenting on what the future could hold for ReFi, James said: “We are currently developing our own ReFi blockchain to offer high-speed, eco-friendly transactions combined with minimum trading fees. The impact of ReFi is getting bigger, and today we see that even banks, which are the actors of the traditional finance ecosystem, are taking steps towards ReFi. Looking at the indicators, ReFi is likely to become a trillion dollar economy.”

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