Australia opposition leader Peter Dutton Friday called for the Albanese government to provide “adequate detail” on the planned Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum. Dutton accused the Albanese government of making a “catastrophic mistake in not providing accessible, clear and complete information” on the plan, which he believes will ultimately damage the reconciliation efforts of Australians with Indigenous people.In an open letter, Dutton asked for clarification on the eligibility of representatives, prerequisites for nomination, definition of aboriginality, the appointment and election process and definitions of the body’s functions and powers. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese responded that he has not seen the letter and described the move as one of many “cheap culture war stunts.”In an interview with Sky News Australia, deputy opposition leader Sussan Ley stressed that the Albanese government should review and answer the valid questions proposed by Dutton and “stop playing clever, tricky, political games by rushing the referendum and withholding the detail of the Voice itself, how it will look and how it will operate.” Otherwise, she believes that the vote will threaten the efforts Australians have put into reconciliation. Ley reiterated that the party is willing to support reasonable actions that improve the lives of Aboriginal children in the Indigenous community.

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