A disabled Iranian protestor sentenced to death earlier this week was reported tortured beforehand, according to Iran human rights sources Thursday. Mansour Dehmardeh was convicted of “spreading corruption on earth” through his participation in the continuing Mahsa Amini protests.Mahsa Amini was killed in the hands of Tehran morality police in 2022. Last month, Iran Human Rights reported that over 476 people had been killed in protests over Mahsa Amini’s death.Mansour Dehmardeh was arrested October 11, 2022, in Zahedan, where he was said to have ben subject to severe torture for 10 days, with his teeth and nose being broken. He is not allowed to make any calls or see any visitors. Mansour Dehmardeh is also considered a “physically disabled citizen” and would not have been able to defend himself during his time in detention.Despite minimal participation from Mansour Dehmardeh in the protests, the judge in his case noted that any person who protests against the Iranian government will be sentenced to death. Mansour Dehmardeh has been given 20 days to protest this verdict and appeal to the supreme court.Despite claims of toleration, the Iranian regime continues to use the death penalty to oppress and silence protestors. It has been confirmed that more than 12 individuals have been sentenced to death thusfar for “waging war against god” or “corruption on earth.” Also on Thursday, an Iranian journalist was jailed after reporting on the ongoing protests. Trials for protestors will continue as a large number of people, including children, have been arrested without cause or charges. Their status is currently unknown.

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