The outgoing government of Brazillian President Jair Bolsonaro Friday lifted a ban on Venezuelan officials from entering Brazil, as per a decision published in the government’s Official Gazette. This move was preceded by the Thursday revocation of a 2019 ordinance signed by then Justice Minister Sergio Moro which banned Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro and officials serving under him from the country. The publication of the ordinance’s revocation in Friday’s gazette means that the ban is no longer in force.The ban became the subject of controversy when it blocked leftist Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro from attending the inauguration of Brazilian President-elect Lula da Silva scheduled for Sunday. Heads of state from 19 countries will attend the event. Recently, Vice President-elect Geraldo Alckmin offered to negotiate with Bolsonaro in order to resolve this issue. However, Bolsonaro had dismissed any possibility of amicable conciliation with the incoming administration. Still, most recent developments point to a quiet change in approach.The Bolsonaro administration does not recognize Maduro as head of the Venezuelan state. Rather, they deem the opposition’s self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido the rightful leader.

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