The UK Attorney General’s Office Wednesday announced it started a program to train Ukrainian judges to conduct war crime trials.The program will train 90 judges from Ukraine under the supervision of Sir Howard Morrison, a former judge at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Morrison said that the judges are “very experienced in Ukrainian domestic law, but many have never tried war crimes before, and it is specialized business.” UK Attorney General Victoria Prentis noted that Ukraine had a “horrible catalogue” of war crimes, with 50,000 cases recorded so far.The training program is part of a larger aid package from the UK to Ukraine, which also includes the deployment of “Mobile Justice Teams” to the scene of war crimes to gather evidence to support investigations into war crimes. The UK’s efforts are also joined by other Western countries’ denouncement of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.Just this past Monday G7 leaders, of which the UK is a part of, met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Together, G7 leaders condemned Russia’s actions, specifically regarding recent attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure and rhetoric regarding the use of nuclear weaponry. International leaders also met Tuesday in Paris to discuss how best to help Ukraine moving forward. The announcement from the UK Wednesday is a part of their efforts to do so.

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