Netherlands ranks as the number one country making cryptocurrency-related searches online, according to CryptoManiaks.

The cryptocurrency education platform ranked the top 100 most populated countries in order of amount of crypto searches made. The platform looked at the combined number of searches for ten of the most popular cryptocurrencies for each country. It then calculated each total as a percentage of the country’s population size. CryptoManiaks used this proportion of residents searching each month to rank the countries.

The Netherlands took the top spot, with 1.4 million monthly searches for the most popular cryptocurrencies. This was equivalent to 8.2 per cent of its population. Turkey and Germany took the second and third places, with 4,663,600 (5.5 per cent of the population) and 4,236,800 (5.1 per cent) searches respectively.

Surprisingly, the country’s second most searched currency was the meme coin, Dogecoin. The coin receives 201,000 searches per month. Dogecoin received more than double the searches than Ethereum (99,000 monthly searches) which became the third most popular crypto there.

A spokesperson from CryptoManiaks said: “By considering how populous a country is, we are able to generate a much more accurate picture of a country’s general interest levels in crypto. European countries tend to dominate the rankings, accounting for seven of the ten countries that make the top ten.

“Interestingly, Dogecoin’s popularity has surpassed that of Ethereum in a significant number of countries, with nearly two million more monthly searches worldwide for the coin, when considering searches over the past 12 months.”

How interested are the UK and US in crypto currently?

The UK placed 12th in CryptoManiaks’ list; having 1,753,000 cryptocurrency searches per month (2.6 per cent of the population). The most searched cryptocurrency in the UK was unsurprisingly Bitcoin with 1,310,000 searches.

Looking at the number of searches for the other nine cryptocurrencies, it is clear Bitcoin has no competitor. Over 74% of the UK’s total monthly searches came from searches related to Bitcoin. The second most searched in the UK was Ethereum, boasting 203,000 searches. Cardano was the crypto that those from the UK were most interested in; seeing 106,000 searches per month.

cryptocurrency US dollar

Ranking in 15th place proportionally, the US was found to make by far the most searches combined, with a total of 6,546,100 per month. Despite making the highest number of cryptocurrency searches, its total only represented 1.9 per cent of the population searching for popular cryptocurrencies.

Similarly to the UK, the most searched cryptocurrency in the US was bitcoin with 4,570,000 searches. The second-highest searched was Dogecoin with 729,000 hits. Finally, the US’ third most searched currency was Ethereum. The third-placed crypto retained 611,000 searches.

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