One of Europe’s leading financial services companies, Arche Associates (Arche) consists of three independent entities. Therefore, depending on the type of advice required, clients can choose from one of the following:

• Arche Family Office: The first “Multi-Family Office” to have obtained the approval of the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance under the law passed on 21 December 2012. Arche Family Office is at the service of wealthy clients in search of expertise, transparency and independence in the overall management of their private wealth.

• Arche Wealth Management: Created and approved in 2013 after repeated demands from clients to provide tailor-made portfolio management services.

• Arche Private Advisors: Established in 2015 to consult, structure and accompany its clients’ real
estate investments.

The creation of Arche Associates is based on a deep conviction that private wealth should benefit from innovative solutions tailored to individual needs. The group is based in Luxembourg due to the country’s political stability and relevant legal and tax structures, which allows Arche to provide a range of high-level services demanded by an international clientele. 

Luxembourg plays a key role in the professional quality and   of the Family Office and Wealth Management businesses.

Tailored service

Arche Wealth Management is regulated by the Supervisory Board of the Financial Sector (CSSF) in Luxembourg. The division provides tailor-made portfolio management services and also has extensive financial market experience and is totally dedicated to its clients. Offering continual stability, the wealth management team fully understands the situation of the families they advise, and maintains constant and close dialogue with them.

By selecting the world’s best investment funds, which gives access to a flexible allocation, the division provides a professional and specialised service in all traditional asset classes, as well as in custom-built structured products and private equity investments. The wealth management team takes pride in providing sophisticated solutions specifically tailored to each client’s needs.

Operating as an independent firm, Arche avoids any conflict of interest and works exclusively for each client’s benefit. The firm also manages dedicated investments on thematics to benefit from specific trends.

Arche Wealth Management creates portfolios with a customised allocation. It does this while maintaining a close dialogue with the clients for whom transparency reports are provided in order to follow the evolution of the portfolios.

The wealth management division is also the architect of a tailored-made asset allocation. The portfolios are assembled to reflect the firm’s market convictions while taking into account the specific orientations as agreed with the client. The team manages on a discretionary basis and also offers an advisory management service in order to analyse the situation in accordance with market dynamics. The firm also provides continuous portfolio monitoring with a high response capacity.

World-leading management specialists

Arche Wealth Management’s investment committee relies on a network of strategists to develop and put into place its own market scenarios. Through an open architecture, the selection of investment funds enables the firm to provide a relevant and specialised service on all asset classes.

Arche Wealth Management is an independent management company that works with several depository banks. Clients, entrusting the management of all or part of their assets, may retain their historical custodian bank(s). Clients can also benefit from the network of custodian banks with which Arche Wealth Management has negotiated competitive pricing conditions.

Asset allocation

Arche’s aim is to create a steady appreciation of the clients’ capital by producing positive returns while maintaining investment risks and volatility at a level agreed upon with the client. The investment philosophy is based on the following points:

• The core portfolio relies on selections of the best expertise over flexible asset allocation funds that provide an anchor in the market by adapting the allocations depending on market conditions.

• To enhance returns, the portfolio relies on specific investments (thematic funds, such as robotics, biotechnology, etc).

• Absolute return strategies and structured products to diversify and increase portfolio’s protection. 


Arche Associates’ strong growth prospects are made possible thanks to its pursuit of innovative solutions, designed to better serve the client’s interests. The exclusive partnership developed with the National Bank of Canada is an illustration of this constant drive to provide clients with reasons to come, and reasons to stay. This international partnership with Quebec’s main bank offers Arche’s clients a custodian bank service as well as a multitude of investment solutions in Canada, all in all making it possible to diversify the risk of holding assets by placing them on the North American continent.

The partnership provides access to structured products that are unique in their design, as well as to real estate investment opportunities in Canada. Arche is always looking for new ideas, products and concepts.

Another example of Arche’s innovative vision is the development of a partnership with Swiss Life and the National Bank of Canada (NBC) authorised by the Insurance Commission of Luxembourg. This agreement allows Arche’s clients to use the National Bank of Canada as the custodian of a life insurance contract by Swiss Life. It offers a unique solution that combines the benefits of a Luxembourg life insurance while diversifying risk by placing assets in Canada, while taking advantage of Arche’s asset management expertise.

With independence, transparency, innovation and excellence driving the company’s success since its inception five years ago, Arche Associates will continue to innovate and fulfil clients’ needs.

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