EUR 194 million of Cohesion Policy funds are being invested in two transport projects in Poland. EUR 14.2 million from the Cohesion Fund will finance the construction of a tramline in the Gocław district, in the south-eastern suburbs of Warsaw. The project is part of an integrated urban transport scheme for the Polish capital to improve the quality of life for city dwellers who will be able to reach the city centre from Gocław more quickly. The investment package also includes the purchase of 18 trams. The project should be finalised in October 2020.

Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu commented: “This project will help the Gocław district to develop by making it more accessible. But it’s all the people of Warsaw, as well as tourists, who will benefit from better air quality thanks to this project, which promotes clean mobility in the capital.”

Nearly EUR 180 million from the European Regional Development Fund will then be invested to better connect the two parts of the city of Świnoujście, crossed by the Świna River. Świnoujście is situated in western Pomerania, in north-western Poland, by the German border . The project involves the construction of a tunnel under the river, a road linking the left and right banks, as well as the surrounding road connections. This will allow the residents of Świnoujście to reach the other shore more quickly, without having to rely solely on ferry services, which is currently the case. The project is expected to be completed in April 2022.

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